Category: Rant

  • MacOS, sigh…

    Shot my foot off messing around with sshfs and a VM on my antsle nano. I somehow managed to get a mount hosed and the only way to recover is reboot my host mac (mount -f and diskutil are no help, they just hang…)  This is not a new problem, but I know how to […]

  • My Favorite Kind of Friction

    Got my renewal notice from AAA in the mail recently.  Decided that we really don’t need the service any more.  We haven’t had a service call in over 5 years and we don’t save enough money from their discounts to recover the $100 yearly charge. So, I logged into my account to cancel.  Cool!  there’s […]

  • On Medical Scheduling…

    Have a kid that needs some imaging.  PA put in order and said if imaging department doesn’t call back, here’s the number to call.  Ok, cool… except the front office took the checkout sheet that had the number (and some other notes) when we checked out. Grumble. A few weeks go by, no call.  Ugh, […]

  • Um, apple what’s up?

    The wife has been on me to fix a problem on her computer for a while now.  She’s barraged by near constant prompts to enter a password for the dozens of processes that need access to the Local Items keychain.  Somehow, on her computer the password for that keychain got changed (it starts off the same […]

  • Eff’n Insurance

    So, its been on my list to switch over from the rental insurance that my apartment complex recommended (kickback, cough cough), to our preferred insurance provider. You know the one that rhymes with ‘fate harm’. We took a pretty big hit when I canceled the homeowner’s policy. Turns out multi-line (house and auto) racks up […]

  • Ok, Walmart…

    You really have to get Site-To-Store pick up figured out. On Thursday, I bought a budget Android tablet on-line.  They happened to have it in stock at the location right down the street from me.  So, I pulled the trigger.   I got an email a few minutes later saying that it’ll take up to  4 […]

  • I Done Broke It

    Yeah, its humidifier season again. Last night, I went to fill up the tank on one of our humidifiers last night. I tried to unscrew the filler cap and broke the handle off the bottom of the tank, sending the third full tank crashing into my foot. After a few choice words, I surveyed that […]

  • Car buying is annoying.

    Recently, the lease on my trusty Passat ran out.  I tried hard to get another VW, but it didn’t pan out.  There’s no 2011 Passat (new for 2012), couldn’t get to the payment I wanted on a Jetta Sportwagen, and I wasn’t very excited by the new Jetta sedan (not up to snuff if you’re […]

  • Cell Phone Hell

    Helpful, hint of the day… don’t break your cell phone in the middle of your contract period if you don’t have insurance.  Last week, I left my Palm Centro on the kitchen counter, where I’ve been parking my phone pretty much forever.  A short while later, I heard a crash, and the characteristic scurrying sound […]

  • The Joys of Home Ownership

    Part 1 – Garage Door Opener Finally finished up the garage door opener project.   My buddy Cha graciously gave up a good chuck of his last Saturday morning rewriting the garage to add a new outlet to the ceiling.  This Saturday, the garage door guy showed up.  He quickly surveyed the situation and said […]