On Medical Scheduling…

Have a kid that needs some imaging.  PA put in order and said if imaging department doesn’t call back, here’s the number to call.  Ok, cool… except the front office took the checkout sheet that had the number (and some other notes) when we checked out. Grumble.

A few weeks go by, no call.  Ugh, reach out to PA through secure messaging portal to get that number again.  Crickets.  2 weeks later someone calls me back about my message and said sorry for the slow reply here’s that number.

Called the imaging place.  Your estimated wait time is ∞, so leave a call back number.  Left a number.  Got a call back in 75 minutes.  Cool, you’re first in line!  15 minutes of hold time later I got a human.

Oh, we didn’t call you about the appointment because the imaging order needed clarification and we’ve sent it back to the PA 3 times now with no response.

Sigh.  I’m kind of tired of everything taking 47 phone calls to finish.





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