My Favorite Kind of Friction

Got my renewal notice from AAA in the mail recently.  Decided that we really don’t need the service any more.  We haven’t had a service call in over 5 years and we don’t save enough money from their discounts to recover the $100 yearly charge.

So, I logged into my account to cancel.  Cool!  there’s a cancel my membership link.  Click and get a pop up, “Sorry to see you go, please call this 800 to cancel your membership.” Sigh.  Just enough friction to make you think, I’ll just deal with this some other time.

I was feeling ambitious and just called to canceled.  I was pleasantly surprised they didn’t try to keep me on the phone forever with a retention specialist.  Basically, “end your membership now, or at end of your current term?” Was the only question. Don’t why they ask that because, I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna pro-rate a refund if you end early.  Meh, whatever.





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