MacOS, sigh…

Shot my foot off messing around with sshfs and a VM on my antsle nano. I somehow managed to get a mount hosed and the only way to recover is reboot my host mac (mount -f and diskutil are no help, they just hang…)  This is not a new problem, but I know how to fix it.  Oh, well, if I gotta reboot, might as well get that pending MacOs security update.

So, reboot number to right the system in general.  Ok, we’re back, let’s kick off that OS update.  Grind, grind, grind, the OS update reboots the machine numerous times and then says there’s 10 minutes to go.  15 minutes later, I’m back at the login screen.  After I’m back in… hey, look that Oracle kernel extension says its been updated (thought it hasn’t) and needs to be re-blessed.  Sigh, and another reboot.

After all that, I’m kinda burned out and don’t want to really wanna work on my side project any more. Meh.





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