• Quote of the Day

    I ask Matthews if he ever pictures his own death. “Yeah,” he says, “I think I do. I think about the people I’d leave behind. I need to stop making friends, so I can outlive all the people I care about, and who care about me. And then I can just drop dead. But I…

  • Ghost Phantomime

    Out today, so good. The Jesus He Knows Me cover is kinda epic.

  • The Little Things

    In the process of porting our cell phones from Metro to T-Mobile. After getting my own line moved, I noticed when you call support line they use caller id to give a personalized greeting… “Hey Jason, what can I do for you today?” in their customer service bot’s fairly realistic voice. Nice. I also appreciate…

  • So that happened…

    A week ago, I was out on an early morning run, and got hit by a car running a stop sign. After a trip to ER and a overnight stay for observation, I’m mostly ok. More details on another day.

  • Finally crossed something off my to do list.

    Freed up some space in the bedroom and put our old living TV on the wall. I wouldn’t try to chin up off the mount, but it was plenty strong to hold a TV though. The wire hanging down offends my OCD sense a bit, but I’ll just get over it.