• Horror Artist

    I don’t think I’ve linked this guy before, but he’s a horror artist that starts with children’s coloring books as source material. Equal parts disturbing and amazing.

  • Meep meep

    A real life roadrunner!

  • Crazy Medical Interactions

    Dealing with medical folks recently kinda makes me want to drink:

  • Nifty Letter Opener

    I got sick of gluing our nice little letter opener back together after it fell off the refrigerator and smashed for the umpteenth time and decide it was time to find something new. This little guy is working out well. It’s got a ceramic blade that doesn’t cut skin but gets through paper very easily. […]

  • Chase Private Client…

    I keep getting invited to become a Chase Private Client (by email, in their banking site, and by postal mail.) Join today for a $3,000 sign up bonus. Fine print: deposit $150,000 or more in a new account and maintain a balance of the same for 6 months and that bonus is all yours. Well, […]

  • I Didn’t Know I Needed That Until I Saw It

    A frying pan iPhone case? … or maybe the chef’s cleaver iPhone case? I don’t even know how I got signed up for Aliexpress emails.