• Modern Customer Support

    So, I’ve got a broken fridge. Made arrangements for a service call. Arrival window came and went, nobody showed up or contacted me. Here’s the follow up: me: uh, I had a service call scheduled for yesterday. technician was no show, no contact. them: ok. let me look at your account. sir, your appointment is…

  • Scheduling

    Background: 2 kids have dental appointments back to back. Need cancel second appointment due to scheduling conflict. Call 1: Me: Hey, I need to cancel my kids dental appointment.Them: ok, when do you want to reschedule?Me: anytime after is fine.Them: we’re booked out past valentines day currently. I can put you on call for cancellations…

  • Recipe: Mississippi Pot Roast

    Here’s a quick and dirty Mississippi Pot Road recipe via Al Bladez. Super flavorful with a minor kick of heat. Ingredients: Method Enjoy!

  • Sigh

    them: estimated wait time 2 minutes.<10 minutes later>them: you want a callback?me: yepthem: an agent will call you back when available<20 minutes later>them: ring ring, this is your requested a callback, press 1 to acknowledge.them: great, you’re #2 in the queue. we’ll talk to you shortly.<15 minutes later>them: hi… how can I help you?

  • Quote of the Day

    I ask Matthews if he ever pictures his own death. “Yeah,” he says, “I think I do. I think about the people I’d leave behind. I need to stop making friends, so I can outlive all the people I care about, and who care about me. And then I can just drop dead. But I…

  • Ghost Phantomime

    Out today, so good. The Jesus He Knows Me cover is kinda epic.