• Finally crossed something off my to do list.

    Freed up some space in the bedroom and put our old living TV on the wall. I wouldn’t try to chin up off the mount, but it was plenty strong to hold a TV though. The wire hanging down offends my OCD sense a bit, but I’ll just get over it.

  • On The Hunt

    For scorpions of course! Here’s a recent victim after getting hosed down with Terro Scorpion Kill. Got hunt a few times a week in the yard, or else you start seeing little friends wandering around inside the house.

  • Cover Me in Sunshine

    Still one of the best things on the internet…

  • The Sad Irony

    Recently, I was taking my son to see a doctor at big medical campus nearby. Getting him loaded up and ready to roll into the building, I was nearly overcome by someone’s cigar smoke. Quick look around reveals a guy sitting on the tailgate of his truck smoking a stogie, parked about 20 feet away…

  • Spring in the Desert

    I’m not sure if it’s an epic year for spring blooms, out of just that I’ve been outside more than usual to see them, but they’re pretty incredible this year.

  • The Streak Continues

    Yesterday, I woke up completely fragged from the week. Chore mode took over and suddenly it was dinner time. Uh, running? oops. Even though I was pretty wiped out, I still managed to sneak out for a run after the child units were put away for the day. The run went ok, but it felt…