Off to the Recycler

I always think I have uses for decommissioned cell phones, but they just pile up in a storage bin tucked away in a closet. Ok, lets send these guys back the great bit beyond.

From left to right:

  • LG VM670 – on virgin mobile? do they even exist any more?
  • Apple iPhone 4s – my first iPhone. had a long second life as a kid distraction device with no SIM card installed.
  • Apple iPhone SE (version 1) – screen popping off due to pillowed battery
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • LG LS660P – bought as a test device for mobile development, never even activated
  • Apple iPhone 7

SIM cards removed, memory wiped. Yeah, I could probably put them on eBay and make a few pennies, but getting through the wiping process was about as much effort as I could muster.

For unknown reasons, the iPhone 6 had an unknown pin. Didn’t care about anything on the phone, so I had to use iTunes to factory reset it. Yeah, had to download 3.5Gb of an old version of iOS just to wipe the phone, meh.

Both the ancient android phones from LG had batteries that were easily end user replaceable. No tools necessary. That idea is pretty ripe for a comeback.





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