Category: Weather

  • Spring in the Desert

    I’m not sure if it’s an epic year for spring blooms, out of just that I’ve been outside more than usual to see them, but they’re pretty incredible this year.

  • Back breaking labor

    This morning it was more temperate than its been. By temperate, I mean it was 18 degrees out.  So, I decided to suit up and clear snow from last night.  The way my driveway, yard, and snow banks are oriented, I’ve been getting some killer drifts.  Some areas had 15 inches of snow, and some…

  • Cold

    Yep, its cold.  Again.  I almost thought it was tolerable, but then you add that 30 mph gust of wind and things start to suck pretty quick.

  • Do dee do dee do do

    (the theme from Wizard of Oz as Dorothy was swept away) Even though my recycling bin was fully loaded and wedged between a snowbank and my jammed full trash can, the wind still some how set it airborn.  The bin is long gone and only a few choice recyclables remained.  I did manage to retrieve…

  • Eff’n Cold

    Nearly froze my fingers off clearing the driveway this morning.  Snowblower wasn’t happy.  Car wasn’t either.  Roads mostly plowed, but still super slippery.

  • Public Service Announcements

    PSA 1: Its frigging cold out.  4 degrees, bah. PSA 2: Its slippery as hell out. PSA 3: Morons still tailgating me at every chance. That is all for now.

  • Crazy CNY Weather

    There was snow in the air yesterday;  Someone should tell mother nature its May and we should be done with that stuff.  Anyway, seems like we’re in for another swinger of a week up next.  Btw, that’s the weather app, highly recommended.

  • Another CNY Spring Day Starts

    Ok, enough with the snow already.

  • Against All Odds

    A few weeks ago, my snowblower started leaking gas out of the carb out of the blue after sitting in the garage untouched for 3 weeks. So, I flipped the fuel cut off and left it at that. Its been relatively light in the snow department lately, so I’ve been doing the snow clearing the…

  • Did you miss me?

    Sorry, snow, nobody missed you.  Light, fluffy, lake effect stuff is piling up fast.