Back breaking labor

This morning it was more temperate than its been. By temperate, I mean it was 18 degrees out.  So, I decided to suit up and clear snow from last night.  The way my driveway, yard, and snow banks are oriented, I’ve been getting some killer drifts.  Some areas had 15 inches of snow, and some barely a dusting.

I couldn’t make up my mind if there was enough to warrant getting the snow blower out.  But, eventually gave in.  Glad I did, because down by the street getting through 8″ of hard pack from the city plow would have taken forever by shovel.

With the driveway taken care of, I looked back at the house and the snow bank on the roof.  Hmm, better take care of that, too.

So, I blew out the snow pile closest to the house next.  Then I got out my 10 foot step ladder and big push broom.  On the first sweep I unleashed a torrent of snow.  Even though I knew there was a lot up there, up close and personal, there was even more than I thought.  In the valleys, I’d guess there was almost 2 feet packed in.

From the edge of the roof, I could reach about 7 or 8 feet up.  So, I inched my way across the front of the house and garage in about 20 minutes.  Then, I had move all the snow that landed in driveway again.  Didn’t look like a lot, but it was super compacted and heavy from the trip of the roof.

Guess I’m not gonna get much done today outside of that.





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