Against All Odds

A few weeks ago, my snowblower started leaking gas out of the carb out of the blue after sitting in the garage untouched for 3 weeks. So, I flipped the fuel cut off and left it at that. Its been relatively light in the snow department lately, so I’ve been doing the snow clearing the old fashion way by shovel.

Last night, Nemo blew into town and dumped 10″ of snow in the driveway.  I thought I’d give the blower a shot for the heck of it. Went through the normal start up procedure and it turned over on the first pull.  I gave it a few minutes to warm up and started clearing the driveway.

Surprisingly, it ran like a champ and was throwing just about as good as ever.  Equally surprising was that the leaking gas stopped completely.

I still froze my fingers off, even with my fancy Swix lobster gloves.  But probably still better than shoveling the whole driveway by hand.  Phew.





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