Category: Weather

  • Well, I never…

    Was driving home from daycare with Jilly recently and spotted a weird phenomena in the sky.  It was kind a like a blob of rainbow, limited to one particular spot on the horizon.  Never saw anything like that before. With a little research, it seems that it was a slice of a Circumhorizontal Arc, also…

  • Ok, who ordered all the snow?

    75 minutes to clear about 13″ of snow out of my driveway this morning;  that’s with a snowblower.  The roads, while still pretty snowy, weren’t all that bad.  Annoying was uncleared sidewalks and forging through knee deep snow to get in the front door of the office.

  • Dodged a Bullet?

    Far quieter last night than I expected.  At the moment, there’s no wind, and the sky is clear with a big, bright moon. Latest path forecasts show Sandy is gonna track further west than previously expected.  Keeping fingers crossed. NYC looks like a big mess.   Hope everyone (including my bro) can struggle through.