Category: Shout Outs

  • Props to DreamHost

    I finally got around to shutting down my DreamHost account.  I poked around a bit in the control panel and didn’t find a way to cancel the account.  I started to file a support ticket and their ticket tool pointed me in the right direct to cancel the account myself.  Turns out I was on […]

  • Home Depot is the Best

    Last week, I bought a new battery for my Ryobi tool set.  They had 3 options, the trusty Ni-Cd (what I had), the mid-line lithium, and a high-end lithium.  All modern Ryobi tools have the same form factor for battery, which is pretty awesome.  The mid-line looked like a nice upgrade from my old battery, […]

  • Customer Service, done right: LL Bean

    Was in my local LL Bean store earlier.  In the past, they’ve sold a particular Nalgene water bottle that both my kids like.  Since Luke finally started drinking on his own, he’s always loved his trusty blue bottle.  So much, the magical valve that keeps him from having a water party whenever he has it […]

  • Sprint Shocker

    Was unhappy when I opened my Sprint bill this month it was about $35 to high.  Didn’t take long to figure out that the overage was on my line.  Hmm, why I am being charged for Casual Data Usage?  Last I knew, I had all you can eat data via the Power Vision feature.  Hmm, […]

  • That Guy Ain’t Right in the Head… Part III

    The local paper had an interview with local Badwater Ultramarathon finisher, Todd Baum.  Job well done!  I can only dream of an accomplishment like that.

  • Arrested!

    Got a call from the local MDA office saying that they would like to arrest me to help raise some funds for their 2007 Lock-Up program. I said, sure, why not. So, they slapped a $1200 bail figure on me and said they’d be in to arrest me at work on May 15th. Please give […]

  • Shout Out to A La Zing

    I’m real quick to point out when I get bad customer service and a little slow to point out when I get service above and beyond the call of duty. One company that continually surprises me with excellent service is A La Zing. They sell excellent pre-made meals perfect for birthdays and holiday gifts. A […]

  • Customer Service, Done Right!

    After recent trainwrecks in the Customer Service departments when dealing with Time Warner Cable and Sprint PCS, I happy to report a good customer service experience. I don’t wanna make it seem like all I do is bitch about crappy service, I wanna make sure to hilight when customer service does work. The DMV catchs […]

  • Cool FireFox Hint of the Day

    Did you know that you can add search types to the FireFox search gadget? I never noticed the add engines item at the bottom of the search list. There are a ton of other handy searches available. I added, and to my list. Very Handy!