Sprint Shocker

Was unhappy when I opened my Sprint bill this month it was about $35 to high.  Didn’t take long to figure out that the overage was on my line.  Hmm, why I am being charged for Casual Data Usage?  Last I knew, I had all you can eat data via the Power Vision feature.  Hmm, no line item for that.  I went back to last months bill and saw it was missing their too.  (I just missed it because my Casual Data Usage total was just about the same as the normal Power Vision charge.)

Shoot, I’ll bet they messed up my account when temporarily changed the phone on my line a while back.  Even though you’d think that changing phones shouldn’t make any changes to your plan features, it seems they always muck something up.  With a big sigh, I dialed up Sprint customer support (after not being able to find chat based support on their website anymore.)

I made my case and was put on hold for a few minutes.  They asked when I did the phone juggling and reiterated that changing phones shouldn’t change any plan features.   They found that time frame in my account and noted that Power Vision was already off the account at that point.  They said it was removed when I added some features to other phones in my family plan.  After saying that must have been an error, they asked if I wanted added back in.  I said yep, and they put me on hold again.

After a little wait, they came back and said I was all set and that they credited me back the difference between the Casual Data Usage and Power Vision charge.  Wow, I’m pretty pleased that I didn’t have to ask.  Good deal!






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