Customer Service, done right: LL Bean

Was in my local LL Bean store earlier.  In the past, they’ve sold a particular Nalgene water bottle that both my kids like.  Since Luke finally started drinking on his own, he’s always loved his trusty blue bottle.  So much, the magical valve that keeps him from having a water party whenever he has it starting to wear out.  So, it was time to get some reinforcements.

When we got to the store, I was dismayed to see that they didn’t appear to have that particular model any more.  After looking for a bit someone behind the counter asked if we needed help and I described the model I was after.  He said it sounded familiar, but all the Nalgene bottles start to look the same after a while.  He looked for a bit on the floor and couldn’t find anything and sent someone into the back to see what that had still in boxes.

She said here’s what we’ve got, and whipped out 3 more variants.  Unfortunately, none of the where the one I was after.  She said she knew which one we were after eliminating those.  Unfortunately again, when she came back again, she said they don’t have any of them at the moment.

But, she said she’s pretty sure they sell them at Target a few doors down, or at EMS across the way.   Super refreshing that they give advice like that, instead of just saying sorry; especially with EMS being a direct competitor.  We visited Target right after and sure enough they did have them.  Luke was super excited and it was tough to keep the new bottles away out of his hands for a test drive in the store.





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