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  • Sleek Ipad Mini Mount in a VW CC


  • Five Best Drive Enclosures

    Five Best Drive Enclosures. I vote for the Thermaltake BlacX Docking Station.  I have the Rosewill branded version and its the simplest way to use bare drives with minimal fuss.

  • Interesting.  Its kinda like a github for hardware.  Also has some kind of back end for actually producing circuit boards.  Nice!

  • Like an iMac, but Ubuntu.

    Meet The $799 All-in-One Ubuntu PC from System76 | OMG! Ubuntu! Pretty nice, but I don’t see them moving a lot of them at that price point.

  • Apple Sends Press Invites for iPad Mini Event

    When will the madness stop? Apple Sends Press Invites for iPad Mini Event. Wouldn’t mind upgrading my few year old iPod touch to something with a little bigger screen.

  • Memory Lane

    The Best PCs You Can Build for $600 and $1200. Remember when people used to build their own computers? I do and all the frustration and cut up knuckles that went along with them.  But, it was oddly satisfying when everything worked; or at least until something burned up because you missed a fan connector…

  • Single Handed Typing with the Frogpad

    With my left hand pretty useless at the moment, I decided to try out some one handed typing with my father-in-law’s Frogpad keyboard. After a little trouble getting the bluetooth part on the air with my Macbook, I was off and running. As you might expect, retraining your brain to use just 20 keys when…

  • Apple iPhone Finally Here!

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Apple (now just Apple, as opposed to Apple Computer) finally let the cat out of the bag out their new cellphone. 30 months in the making, the iPhone is amazing. Part cellphone, part iPod, part Mac. The Macworld Keynote reveal of the phone was…

  • Handy New Firefox Plugin

    Meet PermaTabs, a little hack that allows you to have tabs that can’t be closed.  After installing it, just right click on the tab and turn on the Permanent Tab option.  It also persists across sessions, so next time you fire up Firefox, it brings back your permanent tabs automagically.  Sweet, now I won’t keep…

  • Hardcore Blender

    Heard about a guy who tests his hard core kitchen blenders by blending items that you normally wouldn’t on one of the Twit podcasts a while ago.  Finally saw a link to the site go flying by on digg. is a riot.  Golf balls, hockey pucks, light bulbs, cell phones, and ipod?  You name…