Single Handed Typing with the Frogpad

With my left hand pretty useless at the moment, I decided to try out some one handed typing with my father-in-law’s Frogpad keyboard. After a little trouble getting the bluetooth part on the air with my Macbook, I was off and running.

As you might expect, retraining your brain to use just 20 keys when you’re used to 100+ keys is a challenge. But, it does felt strangely natural, due to the highly optimized layout. It’s taken me about 15 minutes to type this much; but I’m already getting appreciably smoother.

I’m trying desperately to keep my eyes on the paper cheat sheet that I printed out, rather than concentrating on the keyboard itself. Suddenly, I’m having flashbacks to my 11th grade typing class. Oh, the fond memories of Mr. Gaeta breaking a yardstick over the typewriter of another student who couldn’t keep their eyes off their hands.

Ack, that’s enough torture for now!





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