Apple iPhone Finally Here!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Apple (now just Apple, as opposed to Apple Computer) finally let the cat out of the bag out their new cellphone. 30 months in the making, the iPhone is amazing. Part cellphone, part iPod, part Mac.

The Macworld Keynote reveal of the phone was pretty cool. Steve Jobs did a pretty good job teasing his way the through the introduction. He then proceeded to demo many of its amazing features.

Like the iPod, the phone is all about having a smart interface. There is only 1 mechanical button on the front of the phone. The rest of the interface is driven totally from an advanced touch screen. Its not just pointing either; its a multi-touch interface where you can use multiple fingers to do operations like resizing pictures, and typing. Perhaps the most amazing example was scrolling through your contact list just like it was a rolodex.

Of course, any new, high tech phone has be internet ready. The iPhone is no exception; but, it takes web browsing to a whole new level. Forget minibrowsers and WAP, this thing has scaled down (or phone enhanced, depending how you look at it) version of the Safari web browser. You basically browse the web as normal and then zoom up the specific areas of the page you want to read. I haven’t seen any other phones that doing anything like that yet.

I’d love to have one eventually, but I’m in no particular rush to run out and get one (even though they don’t even go on sale until June.) I just re-upped another 2 years of Sprint service. By the time I’m ready to get my next phone, hopefully they’ll have all the bugs out of this one and maybe the price will be down a bit.






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