Category: Gadgets

  • The Little Things

    In the process of porting our cell phones from Metro to T-Mobile. After getting my own line moved, I noticed when you call support line they use caller id to give a personalized greeting… “Hey Jason, what can I do for you today?” in their customer service bot’s fairly realistic voice. Nice. I also appreciate…

  • Roku Voice Remote Pro

    So, Roku has a new pro version of their remote that uses a rechargeable battery, nice!  I like that idea, since it seems that our current remote eats batteries like nobody’s business. Unfortunately, at $29, just the remote alone costs as much as the 4k Roku Express device (with remote) that I’d use it with.…

  • Good bye trusty friend…

    My trusty KD Links dash cam stopped working at some point recently.  Looks the like the battery swelled and blew the whole casing apart. For a whacko brand name I’d never heard of before, it worked surprisingly well and lasted 7 years across 3 different states. Godspeed little gizmo.

  • Hacker exploits printer Web interface to install, run Doom

    Hacker exploits printer Web interface to install, run Doom | Ars Technica. Too much time on your hands?

  • Oh yeah, its on…

    Update was uneventful. Everything I’ve tried so far works. Fingers crossed.

  • Jeepers! Its the Creeper

    In honor of the kids favorite Scooby Doo episode, I’ve changed my lock screen background…

  • I could see this getting a lot of use in my house…

    Revenge of the completely useless machine.

  • No Hints!

    @jasoncrowther Hello, we do not have any information regarding this phone coming to Virgin Mobile USA.^YD — VirginMobileUSA Care (@VMUcare) November 13, 2012

  • Logitech – Wireless Solar Keyboard

    Logitech – Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. Solar power for the a wireless keyboard is brilliant. My Apple keyboard at work is starting to get some miles on it.  This may be a contender for replacement.  Have to see one if they have one locally that I touch test on.

  • Tablet Showdown

    Will It Blend? style. Yes, putting electronics in a blender is silly.  But, it’s pretty impressive that all you get out the other side is dust.