Category: Rave

  • The Best Thing You’ll See Today

    Can’t go wrong with collab videos with Simone and Laura. So, good.

  • Nifty Letter Opener

    I got sick of gluing our nice little letter opener back together after it fell off the refrigerator and smashed for the umpteenth time and decide it was time to find something new. This little guy is working out well. It’s got a ceramic blade that doesn’t cut skin but gets through paper very easily. […]

  • No Complaints

    Arizona may be insanely hot much of the year, but right now it’s super pleasant with day time highs in the low 70s, loads of sun and nice breeze.

  • Plug: Exotac FreeKey System

    I’m not quite sure how I stumbled on the Exotac FreeKey key ring, I think it was a related link to something else I was buying on the Amazon a while ago.  At first, it looks like your everyday wire key ring, but upon closer inspection, its actually flat metal.  There’s also a permanent bend […]

  • Review: Brother MFC-J475DW

    When departing the house, I offloaded our 10 year old Brother MFC465CN copier/printer/fax via craigslist.  I wanted it gone quick, so I used the magic keyword, FREE! It worked fine, and I had a big box of spare ink cartridges, but it was redundant with a new printer Sandy had  in California. Even though Sandy’s […]

  • Way more useful that I would have guessed.

    Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool. I needed to trim the shake siding around a window I recently installed to get the trim to fit (the new window was slightly larger than the old one.)  I picked up the tool thinking it might work.  Turns out it was just what I needed.  I was able to zip […]

  • FiOS Still Rocks

    Recently my DVR has been acting up.  Its been working 100% fine, but I’ve been hearing the tell tale signs of hard drive or fan failure.  Last night, in the middle of the night, it was the white noise was loud enough to wake me up (I was in bed, the DVR is downstairs!)  I […]

  • Cool Amazon Feature

    Was doing some research on one of my SLR lens and thought amazon was a good a place as any to get some quick specs.  When I eventually found the product detail page, it had a little previously purchased reminder.  Good stuff!

  • Sprint Shocker

    Was unhappy when I opened my Sprint bill this month it was about $35 to high.  Didn’t take long to figure out that the overage was on my line.  Hmm, why I am being charged for Casual Data Usage?  Last I knew, I had all you can eat data via the Power Vision feature.  Hmm, […]

  • Cell Phone Redemption

    After puttering around the house for a while and doing my requisite time at the gym, I figured it was time for some more fun at the cell phone store.  Guessing that the mall store would be overrun with teenyboppers, I headed to the other standalone Sprint location in town (well, Fairmont.) Pleasantly surprised that […]