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  • Um, apple what’s up?

    The wife has been on me to fix a problem on her computer for a while now.  She’s barraged by near constant prompts to enter a password for the dozens of processes that need access to the Local Items keychain.  Somehow, on her computer the password for that keychain got changed (it starts off the same…

  • Finder Quickie

    Wait a sec, you can change where the search box looks in Finder windows? The default for Search This Mac never seems to be what I want.  Search the Current Folder is much better!

  • Hmm, standing up working goodness.

    Yes, please! MacMall | Ergotron WorkFit-A, Sit-Stand Workstation – for Apple 24-414-227.

  • Vox Music Player

    Whoa, how did I not know about the Vox music player on mac? Easy on the eyes, lightweight, plays FLAC, and scrobbles. Nice. In case you’re wondering why I don’t have nearly as many scrobbles as I used to (because inquiring minds need to know), the plugin for Audacious (my preferred player on Ubuntu…

  • Oh, that can’t be good

    After getting most of programs reinstalled, I wanted to copy my iPhoto library to the new drive my external back up disk.  So, I jacked it in, and powered it up.  And waited, and waited, and waited for it to show in Finder. After 10 minutes, I figured something must have gone awry.  It wasn’t…

  • Take it off Baby

    Santa Claus was very nice to me this year and brought me a shiny new Samsung 250Gb SSD for my aging Macbook Pro. Hardware-wise, swapping harddrives in my generation of MBP (Early 2011) is super simple.  Especially if you consult the related Ifixit guide.  Basically you take off the bottom (about 12 screws), disconnect the…

  • OK, last minute shoppers

    If anybody wants to buy me a Mac Pro, you can order it starting tomorrow.   I’ll take the dual 12 core version, please. Apple – Press Info – All New Mac Pro Available Starting Tomorrow.

  • The Best Way to Wrap Your MacBook’s Power Cord

    I don’t coil up my power cables often, but this looks like a great idea! The Best Way to Wrap Your MacBook’s Power Cord.

  • Lets see how long this takes…

    Migrating my Mac backup (via Super Duper) from a plain drive to a File Vault protected drive.  Hmm, 500Gb over USB2.  Uh, yeah, this could take a while. Figured that now was a good a time as any since a lot of the files were probably changed by my recent update to Mavericks anyway.

  • Another Stop on Road to VIM Mastery

    command-t Quick file searching.  Similar to Fast Open in Komodo.  Installation is slightly annoying (needs ruby and ruby-dev to configure, and c compiler to build.)