Bring that Beat Back

Was pleasantly surprised at my recent birthday (yeah, I’m feeling old again) to receive a new MP3 player and some other useful electronic gadgets from my wishlist. Props to the wife and in-laws for the hook up.

The new player is a Samsung YP-F1XB. Features include:

  • Tiny. Its about 3/4th the size of a nano. Pretty light too. After clipping it on the waistband of my running shorts, its pretty easy to forget its there.
  • Built in clip. Its a sturdy metal clip that’s actually part of the player itself.
  • Display. Its kinda tiny, but a backlit monochrome, 3 line screen works fine.
  • 512Mb. Not huge, but enough to keep me entertained for a week at a time.
  • FM Tuner. If I get bored with my tunes, its always a good option.
  • FM Recording. Sounds cool, but I doubt I’d use it much. It would be nice to tape NPR Morning Edition or All Things Considered to listen to when running. It also has mic for voice recording, but I’d probably only ever use that for bootleg taping.
  • Decent user interface. Its not as nice as an iPod clickwheel, but its fairly logical.
  • Priced right. I was looking for something a little less expensive than an iPod because I know I will eventually kill it (drop it or sweat it out) or lose it. At $59, I’ll be a depressed instead of crushed when the inevitable happens.

I’ve used it for a few runs at the Y and I’m pretty happy with it. I’d forgetten how much it helps to have some musical distraction, especially when you’re doing 102 laps for a 6 mile run.






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