Category: Running

  • The Streak Continues

    Haven’t had much to report. Doing 3.3-ish miles on weekdays and a little further on the weekends. Everything feels pretty good; kinda stiff at the start but things seem to work ok once everything gets up to temperature. Looking at some lifetime stats on my Garmin Connect profile page, I see that my Garmin watches […]

  • The Runners Mind

    Couldn’t sleep last night due to coughing, sneezing, and nose running non-stop. It’s 3am, should I just go and get my run over with? Thankfully, the call of my warm bed kept me in the house. I did manage to make it out at regular time though. Nothing to write home about, but another one […]

  • Streak Day 22

    Felt pretty meh at normal running time this morning. Tired from the longer run yesterday and whatever cold I’ve got going on still isn’t done with me. It was also 41 degrees and raining off and on. So, I waited until after I got some chores done to give today’s effort a shot. Hmm, the […]

  • On Garmin Connect Embeds…

    Embedding on Modern WordPress On modern WordPress (ie: circa 6.x), it wasn’t super obvious how to use an <IFRAME> style embed using the new blocks interface. Turns out the magic is just use a Custom HTML type block and paste in the embed from the Garmin Connect website. That gets you most of the way […]

  • The Struggle Is Real

    Keeping my streak alive. Yesterday’s challenge was 51 degrees and ripping winds. Today’s challenge was feeling the cold that’s working its way through the Crowthers finally get to me. Oh well, made it through regardless.

  • Still At It

    The streak continues. Really didn’t feel like running this morning, but it was a little warmer than it has been, so I threw myself out the door. I’m trying to get back to making Saturdays my longer-ish run day. So, today, I went a little further.  Feeling a little better with the longer run; when […]

  • Running Update

    The big test for streak came today, the weekend.  Some how I was able to drag myself out of comfortable bed and added another half a mile.  Everything working ok, but callus on left foot is still kinda angry for the first mile or so.  Hopefully that beings to fade soon. Hmm, never noticed that […]

  • Still Running

    With temps in the high 30s, I got out my running jacket. Unfortunately, the combination of jacket and gloves makes my watch a pain to use. So, while I queued up a run work out as I was headed out the door, the crown click to actually start the run didn’t take.  So, no hard […]

  • The days are super nice…

    but the mornings are still pretty chilly.  40 degrees on the run today.  I’m glad that I didn’t second guess wearing 2 running shirts (short leave under long sleeve.)  It was nice to be running in the moonlight again.

  • Day Two

    Just got back from today’s run, less than 24 hours since last one.  Still feeling mostly ok. The callus by my pinky two on left foot still pretty angry, but I that should fade in the coming days. Felt good to make it during pre-dawn hours, even if it was pretty cool.  Oddly, it was […]