MS Windows Long Horn, available at CompUSA?

I was recently strolling through CompUSA (I was intending to ogle one of those new G5 iMacs, but they didn’t have any in stock) in the laptop department and a screen saver caught my eye. It said something about Windows Long Horn. Hmm, since that’s not supposed to be out for years, I almost laughed it off as silly screen saver.

But, my curosity got the best of me. I wiggled the pointer around to kill of the screen saver and got a login prompt. Hmm, doesn’t look like XP’s login prompt. For kicks, I just left the password blank and clicked login. Bingo, who needs passwords? I’m such a hacker..

Ah, its a Long Horn beta (Milestone 5, to be precise). Interesting. No clue why it would be on a new laptop in the middle of the store, but it was fun to mess around with for a few minutes. Didn’t see much to write home about except for some new graphics. Darn, no internet connection. Oh well, nice to see the next generation OS that will eventually be crashing my pc…






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