Category: Site Update

  • Oops, unscheduled downtime

    Hmm, it appears that Monster Insights WordPress Plugin updated itself at some point with a bug in it and took out my whole wordpress site. All pages just responded with a page saying that a Critical WordPress Error has Occurred. Gulp. I guess that’s probably better than a raw php error though. Anyway, the fix […]

  • Spruced up the home page a bit

    Previously, the home page here was pretty static, just an image and some basic intro text. That’s probably not the best for SEO, so I changed the layout into a 2 column affair and added a Latest Posts widget so its a little more obvious that the site is actually being updated. I’m still trying […]

  • More Administrivia

    Moved some more random bits off my old Digital Ocean droplet and then powered it off. Gonna let that stew for a few days to make sure I didn’t forget anything or leaving anything pointed to that older droplet. Then, it’ll be time to destroy that trusty 8 year old droplet. Godspeed, my friend!

  • Facebook? Nevermind…

    Did some more research on trying to syndicate this blog to Facebook. Doesn’t look anybody can post to your normal field, just to a Facebook page, at least for free. Even WordPress’ own Jetpack thing with the social plugin can only post to pages. By the way, at first it doesn’t look like the social […]

  • On Garmin Connect Embeds…

    Embedding on Modern WordPress On modern WordPress (ie: circa 6.x), it wasn’t super obvious how to use an <IFRAME> style embed using the new blocks interface. Turns out the magic is just use a Custom HTML type block and paste in the embed from the Garmin Connect website. That gets you most of the way […]

  • Ok, nevermind…

    Hey! Why don’t I syndicate my posts to Facebook too? Let’s head over to IFTTT to set that up. Oh, right, IFTTT can only post to Facebook Pages and not to normal personal profiles. Hmm, I think I probably knew that and that’s why I didn’t already do something with Facebook. Grumble. On the bright […]

  • Blogging on the go

    Hmm, let’s see how much the WordPress iOS app has changed since I last used out years ago. We’ll, log in was fairly painless. The editor send to let you do all the block stuff that the latest version of the web based editor does; not sure if that’s cool overkill. There’s about a zillion […]

  • Let’s Freshen Things Up

    Some what embarrassingly, I have to admit that my blog install was way out of date. It was running an ancient version of WordPress on an ancient version of Ubuntu. So, I upgraded both, with a big hat tip to Digital Ocean’s numerous tutorials (here is a good place to start.) They were equally helpful […]

  • And we’re back

    15 minutes of downtime while I snap shotted and upgraded to a newer Ubuntu version.  I think it went pretty smoothly for a noob.  As far as I can see didn’t break anything along the way.

  • Props to DreamHost

    I finally got around to shutting down my DreamHost account.  I poked around a bit in the control panel and didn’t find a way to cancel the account.  I started to file a support ticket and their ticket tool pointed me in the right direct to cancel the account myself.  Turns out I was on […]