Category: Site Update

  • Email at Digital Ocean

    Turns out setting up an email server at Digital Ocean is pretty straight forward.  Here’s my recipe: Follow this Digital Ocean tutorial to set up postfix. Poke a hole in the firewall for mail to get through with sudo ufw allow mail (not sure why the Digital Ocean tutorial didn’t have this critical step;  props […]

  • Moving on

    Finally got my rear in gear and migrated from Dreamhost (its been nice) to Digital Ocean (the new hotness.) Digital Ocean’s droplet setup stuff is super easy.  They also have great recipes for setting everything up.  I was able to get everything installed, setup, and secured in about an hour. It took another hour to […]

  • WordPress Update

    Just took the site offline for about 30 seconds to update to WordPress 3.8.  Man, updates through the admin interface are silky smooth these days.  (After backing up site and data) updates are a single no too scary button click.  Nice! I don’t think there are many changes on the end user side of things […]

  • 1000!

    Wow, sorta hard to believe but this is post #1000 for my blog.  Its taken 9 1/2 years, 2 blog engines (pivot and wordpress) and 2 hosting providers (host for 2 bucks and Dreamhost) to make it here.  Thanks for reading!  Onward and upward!

  • Syndication Update

    Facebook peeps, I’m no longer syndicating my twitter feed to facebook.  So, you’ll see blog posts like this one, via feedpress syndication instead.  Hopefully, not much will change with your enjoyment of my fine postings. BTW, its not super obvious how you stop posting automatically from Twitter in Facebook.  A quick google turned up this […]

  • Take it off, take it all off…

    Content is king!  I’m ditching my custom twentyten based WordPress theme in light of the new hotness that is the twentythirty theme.  I think its pretty sexy out of the box, so I’m just gonna roll with for now.  Enjoy!

  • Good bye, Feedburner

    I’m preparing to overhaul my blog and figured it was time to hang up on Feedburner, and its uncertain future (especially since Google shuttered Reader.)  So, its onward and upward with Feedpress. Feedpress thoughtfully provides both a WordPress plug-in and a super easy Feedburner to Feedpress migration guide.  As far as I can see, everything […]

  • vagrantpress

    I’ve been putting off some look and feel updates to my blog for a while;  Mainly, because I’m too time constrained (and/or lazy) to set up a development environment to mess around with. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Vagrant lately, but didn’t get the gist of it.  So, I buckled down a […]

  • and we’re back

    There was a minute or two of downtime as I updated to the latest WordPress.  I also disabled a bunch of plugins that I no longer use.  Might speed things up a little bit.

  • Hello to all my new friends!

    Bots or otherwise… Mercy, that’s quite a spike.  Easily most page views for a single day in the 8 or so years I’ve been running this blog. Most were on the home page, but a good chunk are on an archive page that’s pretty ordinary;  mostly twitter updates, save for a few thousand word rant […]