Plug: Exotac FreeKey System

I’m not quite sure how I stumbled on the Exotac FreeKey key ring, I think it was a related link to something else I was buying on the Amazon a while ago.  At first, it looks like your everyday wire key ring, but upon closer inspection, its actually flat metal.  There’s also a permanent bend in the rings that allows you lever open the ring for adding or subtracting the sub-rings easily without using your fingernails as you would normally.

I’ve been carrying this ring around for a few months now and find it great.  Its super light and the bigger than normal main ring allows my keys lay flat in my pocket.  Now that I’ve started running again, I take just my house key with me (and leave the balance of my keys at home to lighten the load), so I’m adding and subtracting rings on a daily basis with zero hassles.

Totally worth the $7, check it out.





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