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  • PSA Trolling

    Be nice.

  • Um, maybe not?

    I was considering replacing my aged computer speakers.  So I went to amazon and searched for Computer Speakers and sorted by rating.  The first hit in the list turns out to be folks selling the speakers that I was looking to replace used. Pretty skeptical that folks will pay $100 or more for 15 year old […]

  • The Joys of Printing

    Wanted to print out 10 photos.  Here’s the workflow: Import pictures from camera into Photos app. Cull out the photos to print. Fix up brightness for printing. Crop for printing. Print. Reset router because a non-related Kindle hangs router. Print. Printer outputs 5 pictures and reports out of Yellow ink. Change Yellow cartridge. Print. Printer outputs 3 […]

  • Scanner Pro by Readdle

    Not an app I use every day, but it really hits the spot when I do need it.  Its about 99% less hassle than using my real world scanner and about 90% faster to boot; worth every penny. Readdle is a pioneer of iOS App Store, one of the first companies to create file management […]

  • How a Bug in My Ruby Code Cost Code School $13,000

    Yikes! Important lessons and takeaways learned from a mistake in our Ruby code that proved costly for Code School. Source: How a Bug in My Ruby Code Cost Code School $13,000

  • smth

    Send Me to Heaven, for the days when your cell phone won’t stop ringing. Source: smth

  • Apple Watch Teardown – iFixit

    Mercy me, that’s a lot of stuff jammed into that tiny package.  After not wearing a watch routinely for a few years now, I not tripping over myself to get one. Apple Watch 2015 Teardown on Thursday April 23, 2015. Source: Apple Watch Teardown – iFixit

  • Yep, I’m a hacker

    So, recently I started putting together a home music server.  I got all the basics up without too much hassle, but didn’t get around actually installing music collection. After getting back to it, I quickly figured out that the raspberry pi doesn’t put out enough current on its USB ports to drive a 2.5″ spinning […]

  • Music server on the cheap

    I used to keep all my music on my mac, but after downsizing to a smaller (but zillion times faster) SSD drive, I can’t seem to jam everything in any more.  So, I’ve been using a portable 500Gb USB drive to keep my music.  Gets the job done, but even though its small, its hassle […]

  • Review: A New Laptop from Dell Makes the MacBook Air Look Huge

    Review: A New Laptop from Dell Makes the MacBook Air Look Huge. Wow, that’s pretty nice actually.  Unfortunately, its not Dell priced.  For about the same amount of money, I’d probably stick to Apple.