The Joys of Printing

Wanted to print out 10 photos.  Here’s the workflow:

  1. Import pictures from camera into Photos app.
  2. Cull out the photos to print.
  3. Fix up brightness for printing.
  4. Crop for printing.
  5. Print.
  6. Reset router because a non-related Kindle hangs router.
  7. Print.
  8. Printer outputs 5 pictures and reports out of Yellow ink.
  9. Change Yellow cartridge.
  10. Print.
  11. Printer outputs 3 pictures and reports out of Cyan ink.
  12. Change Cyan cartridge.
  13. Print.
  14. Printer outputs 1 picture and reports our of Magenta ink.
  15. Change Magenta cartridge.
  16. Print.
  17. Printer outputs final photo.

Why do I brother printing anything?





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