Lets see how long this takes…

Migrating my Mac backup (via Super Duper) from a plain drive to a File Vault protected drive.  Hmm, 500Gb over USB2.  Uh, yeah, this could take a while.

Figured that now was a good a time as any since a lot of the files were probably changed by my recent update to Mavericks anyway.





One response to “Lets see how long this takes…”

  1. jason Avatar

    Surprisingly, it only took about 4 hours. Well, that was 4 hours total back up time about 6 hours elapsed. Forgot to turn off sleep and “put hard drives to sleep” options so it took a nap for a few hours before I checked up on it. Super Duper!’s “Smart Update” feature was able to pick up where it left off without much hassle.

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