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  • Next Stop on Road to VIM mastery

    Nerdcommenter Language specific block comments.  Oh, yeah, that’s much better.

  • Giving Tree Macbook Decal

    Giving Tree Decal – Vinyl Macbook / Laptop Decal Sticker Graphic Whoa, that’s pretty nice.

  • Mini classic Macintosh

    Silly, but fun! Mini classic Macintosh created with Raspberry Pi, runs System 6 video.

  • Quick Tool of the Day: Meerkat

    Meerkat | Code Sorcery Workshop. Quickly and easily manage SSH tunnels.  Enable and disable them at will.   A lot slicker than the command line.  Via.

  • GNU Wget

    GNU Wget. Needed to quick download a copy of a website.  Quick google led me to wget, which makes the operation a simple one liner. Unfortunately, its not part of OSX command line tool kit any more.  No problem, let me just download it and compile.  Oh look, Mountain Lion uninstalled the command line compiler…

  • Couldn’t Resist

    With time running out, I finally pulled the trigger on the latest Macheist.  The only program I really wanted was Scrivener, so $29 for a $45 program plus a zillion others (18 in the heist, plus 20 more if you tweeted about Macheist) semi-useful programs was a pretty good deal. One more day to go,…

  • New Apple Toys

    Apple – Apple Events – Apple Special Event October 2012. Gotta renew my Fan Boy contract and drool over all the new toys.

  • Evolution of Apple Ads 1975-2002 – Retronaut

    Evolution of Apple Ads 1975-2002 – Retronaut. Still giggle when I see the list price for the first apple was $666.66.

  • Mountain Lion, no X11 for you?

    Guess I haven’t done any work from home since I updated to Mountain Lion.  When I went to start up X11, I was greeted with: Clicking continue, brings you to here.  Not only is it not installed, but its not directly supported by Apple any more either. One 66.9Mb download and log out (well, I…

  • Chat in Thunderbird?

    hmm, somehow, when I wasn’t looking, they wedged chat into the Thunderbird email client.  Will have to investigate, if I can tear myself away from OSX’s Messages app.