Miniaturization At Apple

Apple has been hard at work at some new projects:

Is the iPod MINI not quite small enough for you? How about the iPod Shuffle?  Its a flash based Mp3 player that’s even smaller than the MINI; basically its the size of USB key drive. Note there’s a little extra Apple brand humor on the Ipod Shuffle page; there’s a foot note in the caption for the image that gives a size comparison of the Ipod Shuffle versus a pack of gum that tells users Do Not Eat iPod Shuffle. Bah doom tish! Pretty reasonably priced at $99 for 512Mb and $149 for 1Gb. After my excellent experience with iPod MINI, I think Apple is gonna have another winner with the shuffle.

More in the less is more department at Apple… Introducing the Mac mini. Reminiscent of the mac cubes from a few years ago, the mac mini is a cute little brick. Beyond in the small form factor, it also breaks into new territory for apple, low cost! At $499 (sans keyboard, mouse, and display), its by far the lowest cost mac ever. I think this will bring a lot of closet mac fans out. Personally, I’ve always like macs for their coolness factor and the fact that OS-X is very slick and stable. I’m interested enough to give one a shot, especially if I can use my own USB keyboard/mouse, and VGA monitor. I’ll have schedule a trip to the local Apple retail store and mess with one in person.





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