Now That’s Some Bad Publicity

Was listening to NPR (on our local station WAER) on the way into work this morning and caught a story about tax preparation programs. One of the hosts who had never used tax prep software before was going through building a return in Turbo Tax. When it got to the part about dependents, he said he didn’t have any in 2004, but a daughter was born in January 2005.

He took the help link for dependents and asked if he could claim the new child, and after entering the date of birth, it asked some questions about how much the child was supported in 2004. Besides the chuckle from the hosts, not the kind of stuff you wanna hear about a veteran tax program in the middle of tax season.

Hmm, if they missed this little glitch should you trust them with the rest of your taxs? In my previous experience with Turbo Tax, I found that it was really bad at rounding; so much so, I was paranoid enough to print out the form they generated, correct the mistakes and copy it over by hand.

This year, I’m gonna go straight to an accountant.





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