iPod Heart Attack

Yesterday, I was updating iTunes on my PC and noticed that there was also an update to the iPod software. I think I missed the last update, so I figure its probably a good time to get caught up. So I download the 40Mb updater.

I run the installer, it says connect your iPod and then hit the update button. So, I connect my iPod and hit the update button. No surprises yet.

Then it says its completed, to disconnect the USB cable, and plug in the wall adaptor to complete the update (it said something about needing to flash the update into the chips). Nutz, I’m at home, my wall adaptor is at work. Guess I’ll just wait until I make it in to work to finish.

This morning I roll into work and click my iPod into its wall adaptor. Hmm, strangely, nothing. So, I click the buttons; still no dice. Eeek! As I kinda feared, you have do that plug in operation soon after the update. I’m wondering if I done busted it for keeps.

Thankfully, after connecting it to the computer again for a second, it springs back to life and asks to be connected the wall adaptor. So, I did that and grinds away for a little while with a progress bar. After that it comes back up with a few new bells and whistles from the update, and life is good again.







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