Crazy Medical Interactions

Dealing with medical folks recently kinda makes me want to drink:

  • Wife gets call for a pre-registration for a kid that needs some imaging. Sigh, just ignore that I’m listed for primary contact. Call them back, can’t understand the person the other end. Keep telling them I can’t hear them. Eventually they say, “Oops, my microphone was on the wrong setting” and suddenly I can hear them fine. Uh, don’t you do this for a living? Also, thought is was fun that at first they couldn’t find kid’s records even though he’s been to that hospital numerous times.
  • Kid specialist called, he were gonna need to cancel their next in office visit, 3 of the 4 doctors in the practice have left in the last 3 months. Time to start shopping for a new specialist.
  • Kid specialist #2 called, he were gonna new to reschedule your next visit (in 6 months) because the doctor is gonna be out on maternity leave then. Uh, that wasn’t known when I booked the appointment 3 days ago?
  • Kid had a med check telehealth visit. Doctor was 15 minutes late to an appointment that ended up taking less than a minute.





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