Ok, I’m not making any progress on my master plan to reinvent my website. In my grand vision, I’d like to use a single home brew tagging system to cover my blog, links, and photo gallery. But lack of energy and time pushed the delivery date some time into 2010, if make it a rush job at the pace that I’m going.

So, I conceded and decided to try to use to keep track of my links. I actually really liked their idea from the start. My cop out reason for not using them was that I could never remember just where the periods were in their URL. But some time between the last time I checked and now, they made it so you can hit them too.

I’ve started the thankless task of moving my bookmarks in. This also gave me a chance to mess around with the new Firefox cousin, Flock. It has direct integration with, flickr and some web blog software (unfortunately, not pivot, though…) Its kinda nice, but I’m not sure its got enough extra stuff to make me switch from vanilla Firefox (which has plug-in of its own). Plus, it has a gesture plugin like Firefox (which I can’t live without); minus, I have to configure it to use my gestures and the configuration interface is pretty different.

To start, I’ve published my running routes, a task that’s been on my to-do list forever. I’m already liking’s neat feature that gives you easy type and remember URL’s like That’s a feature I’ll have to borrow when I get around to my home brew tag thingy eventually.

Over the next weeks, I’m gonna try to move the rest of my links in. We’ll see if I still like it after the first couple of hundred links…






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