This Week In Running – v4

Nope, I haven’t dropped off on running, but I did stop manually updating on  You can now follow me at the Garmin site, instead.

Its been another wet week. Drizzle is no fun when its 50 degrees and breezy out, morning after morning. When there’s good chance for rain, I usually leave my music player at home. Without the distraction, runs seem to take about twice as much effort; but, it with nothing else to do, it helps me focus on my breathing.

On Tuesday morning, the rain was coming down by the bucket at normal departure time, so I did some work, and bumped the run to mid morning.  It was kinda weird to be running in daylight.  I also tried out the Iron Horse Trail to get around traffic that I don’t normally incur.  The trail is pretty good for running;  not too much foot traffic and mostly flat except for places where the trail bridges over major streets.

I chatted with another guy on the trail for a bit on the way back.  He asked about the Rochester Marathon on my hat. I said I was new to the area and getting back into running.  I said I thought my marathon days were probably done.  He said, “me too” but went on to say that he’s moved on to Ultras.  I chuckled. He gave me some pointers on where to run and to some local groups where I might find other running mates.  I admit it was kinda nice to get a welcome back to the running community.

Yesterday, even though the radar was clear, I still ran into a couple patches of annoying drizzle.  Added another half mile or so to the long run for the week.  Unfortunately, the route I took ended up being on a no-pedestrian divided highway.  Worked out OK at 5am, bought probably won’t try it again.

Today, I woke up at normal time, listened to rain for about 5 minutes, checked the radar, rolled over, and went back to sleep.  I really didn’t want to take the day off, but I figure I’m overdue and on the road to hurt if I don’t anyway.  So, I used my surplus energy to work on some other delinquent projects around the house.

Even with the day off, I still pulled in 32 miles; fairly respectable.  There’s some dry weather in the forecast, so hopefully, I’ll be more motivated than I’ve been.

Chomping at the bit to get out in the morning…  Lets rack up some more miles!





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