This Week in Running – v2

The good:  Yep, still at it.  Broken 100 miles for this streak on Wednesday.

The bad: My back is taking forever to get back normal.  Its to the point where it doesn’t bother much or at all during the run.  But after I’m done, I look kinda like Edgar the bug from Men in Black hobbling down the street.

The ugly: black toenail.  Either I need some new socks, or my current running shoes are half a size too big (probably should stop buying shoes on woot.)

Another 7 days, and another 7 runs.  Nothing particularly eventful, one way or the other; that’s kind of a good thing I think.  I’m not pushing things real hard, but I’m not taking it super easy either.  Something must be going right, because the time on my feet seems to fly by.

I’m pretty comfortable with my weekday routine route.  Its got just enough hills to keep things interesting.  Leaving at 4:25 its pitch black when I start and its just beginning to start to brighten when I return.  I’ve got a blinky light I wear on the back of my hat so folks coming up on me from behind can see me.  I’ve been doing without a headlight, but I’m seriously considering getting one as a lot of the streets where I run have limited street lights.  I’m less concerned about oncoming folks not being able to see me than I am about me running off the road or turning an ankle in a pothole.

At that hour of the morning, car traffic is pretty light.  But, through some strange cosmic alignment, me and the drivers always seem to meet up at intersections at precisely the same moment.  I try to wave the cars through (1. I’m not that important, 2. car vs. human, car wins.  It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong;  if you get hit, you get hurt.) Most drivers gladly hurry by.  Some drivers look at me like I’m from another planet, that a pedestrian is yielding to them.

Ok, that’s enough rambling for now.  I gotta go get moving again before I cease up.

Go big, or go home.





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