This Week in Running

The streak lives on.  Today was the 21st consecutive day I’ve been running.

Had some rough days this week.  Last week, I had a non-running related injury to my back (not sitting correctly when holding a squirmy 4 year old during a nebulizer treatment at the dr’s office and strained something in my lower back)  Its been haunting me, but its every so slowly getting better.   I had a sympathetic pain in the foot opposite where my back hurts for a few days, ouch.  I’m to the point now where I feel it when I start and it goes it almost goes away after the first mile or two.

Thursday morning, I woke up on schedule and it was seriously raining and pretty windy.  Wind, rain, and 45 degrees, not such a great combination.  But, I checked the forecast, and it said things were going to calm down right about the time I normally roll out the door.  I was skeptical, but sure enough, the clouds parted just about the time I opened the door.  As usual, I was glad I got out in the end as turned out to be the first the day that my pace started to tick back down.

This morning, I wanted to stretch things out a bit and try a new course.  I intended to do something in 5 to 5.5 mile range, but missed a turn (can’t read street signs in the dark without my glasses, dammit) and ended up string things out to 6.7 miles.  The route I’ve been doing has a tiny hill in one spot. This route had a long and steady climb.  I got up it without much fuss, but could definitely feel it in my legs and lungs.  One of the roads I was on (Gregory Lane) has some pretty steep crowning on the edge of the road, may try to avoid that part next time.

Onward and upward.






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