Eff’n Insurance

So, its been on my list to switch over from the rental insurance that my apartment complex recommended (kickback, cough cough), to our preferred insurance provider. You know the one that rhymes with ‘fate harm’.

We took a pretty big hit when I canceled the homeowner’s policy. Turns out multi-line (house and auto) racks up the big discounts. So, after getting an estimate for a renter’s policy, I was happy to learn that I’d pay less for renters insurance than I was paying and I get back a decent discount on auto insurance too.

So, today, I got in touch with my agent to seal the deal (and so I can cancel my current policy that re-ups at the end of the month.) I sent him an email with the go ahead and asked if he needed anything more to get the new policy going.

I got a call back a few hours later saying that there was a snag setting up the new policy. Oh, what?

When we had the house, I put in a homeowners claim for a widespread mold problem in the attic crawlspace. They sent someone out, they took one look and said “sorry, nope, not covered.”

My agent out here said, “even though we didn’t payout anything out that still counts as a claim. Because you didn’t immediately start renter’s insurance when you ended coverage on the house, you triggered a rule that says you can’t start a new policy if you’ve had a claim in the last 3 years.”

Super! So, even though I’ve never actually cashed out anything against my homeowners policy, I can’t get a new renter’s policy (or homeowners for that matter) in the next 2 years (claim was a year ago).

Might be time to start shopping for another insurance company.





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