Yep, I’m a hacker

So, recently I started putting together a home music server.  I got all the basics up without too much hassle, but didn’t get around actually installing music collection.

After getting back to it, I quickly figured out that the raspberry pi doesn’t put out enough current on its USB ports to drive a 2.5″ spinning drive (as manifested by the drive not spinning up and just making a weak clicking noise.)   I started looking around for a powered USB hub, but couldn’t find anything cheap enough in town.

With a little googling, I found that it doesn’t put out enough current by default, but you can change its configuration to let it put out enough juice.  So, I gave that a shot today.  Turns out the hardest part is figuring out the password to log in.  Even that only took about 1 more minute of googling.  So, log in, update firmware, reboot, log in, edit a config file, reboot.  Even my feeble brain can handle that.

On final reboot, it immediately found the drive and mounted it.  So, I went to the gui config for the Logitech Media Server and told it what to index.


And there we go.  Thought it was gonna take forever, but its moving at a pretty good clip now and should only take an hour or two.  Nice!  Let the jams begin.






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