Why is Jason so cranky?

Might be related to crummy sleep.  Here’s my sleepy timeline from last night:

  1. 10:15 pm. Went to bed.
  2. 10:30 pm. Just as I drift off, thump.  Half asleep Jilly falls out of bed en route to getting a tissue.
  3. 10:40 pm.  Back in bed.
  4. 10:48 pm.  Cat #1 howling his head off about something.
  5. 12:44 am.  Luke unleashes a blood curdling howl.  Check on him, give him a sip of water and he’s back to sleep in 1 minute.
  6. 12:55 am.  Back in bed.
  7. 4:27 am.  Awaken by Cat #2 aggressively cleaning himself, on the bed, 1 foot away from my face. Attempted to swat cat, but blinded by moonlight glinting off the butthole he’s be polishing for hours.
  8. 5:20 am.  Oh, crap, time to get up.

Who needs good sleep anyway?





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