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  • TIL: Sub-Octave Basses Exist

    Mercy, this thing goes loooooow.

  • Mmmm, half moons!

    Well, they’re the not the OGs from Hemstrought’s, but these are from Chompie’s and they’re pretty good. Oddly enough, they go by Bland and Whites around here, but the person behind the counter knew what I meant when I asked for half moons. Kinda prices at $4 each, but mostly worth it.

  • Meep meep

    A real life roadrunner!

  • The Struggle Is Real

    Keeping my streak alive. Yesterday’s challenge was 51 degrees and ripping winds. Today’s challenge was feeling the cold that’s working its way through the Crowthers finally get to me. Oh well, made it through regardless.

  • Running Update

    The big test for streak came today, the weekend.  Some how I was able to drag myself out of comfortable bed and added another half a mile.  Everything working ok, but callus on left foot is still kinda angry for the first mile or so.  Hopefully that beings to fade soon. Hmm, never noticed that […]

  • No Complaints

    Arizona may be insanely hot much of the year, but right now it’s super pleasant with day time highs in the low 70s, loads of sun and nice breeze.

  • Back on the road

    So, after 3 month break from running (meh, don’t ask…) I decided that today was the day to get back out there.  Staged clothes, shoes, and mp3 player last night.   After a slow start, morning kid stuff, I figured I couldn’t procrastinate any more and hit the road. It seems to have gone well. […]

  • Quote of the Day

    Don’t set yourself on fire trying to keep others warm. Penny Reid, Beard in Mind

  • Well, I wish I knew that…

    Turns out I’ve been swallowing pills wrong my whole life.  The trick is to tilt your head forward instead of back.  My chonky probiotic daily pill now goes now much easier.

  • When You’re Feeling Down…

    … this tiktok will put a smile on your face. NSFW. @olafluffy #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #petsoftiktok #kittensoftiktok #catsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #funny #humor ♬ original sound – OLA🫠🫠🫠