The Worst Day Ever

Eric’s Archived Thoughts: The Truth.

Follow up to Horror Story.

The brain cancer effecting Eric’s kid has returned, in force and is now inoperable and otherwise untreatable.  Today, in the most gentle way possible, he and his wife had the crushing task of tell their 5 year old child that they are going to die soon.

I can’t pretend to know how hard things have been and how they only seem to get harder.   I only speculate that if I had to tell something like to my similar age daughter, I would surely die of a broken heart right on the spot.

As a parent I know I’m committed to anything and everything up until the last possible second if my kids were sick.  I commend Eric as the strongest parent that I know, even though I don’t know him personally.

I’m not really the praying type, but I’ll try my best, when I’m done crying.

The full back story.





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