Coming Soon: Self Heating Containers?

Yep! Buy your pre-brewed coffee (or tea, soup, or even baby formula) in its own self heating container. A company called Ontech has blown through a cool $20 millon in development of the idea, now protected by 120 different patents. Be sure to check out their demo video.

Hmm. I can hardly wait for the law suites to start flying. If people are unable to prevent themselves from dumping a hot coffee in their lap at McDonalds, I’m not holding my breath on how well they’ll be able to handle these new high tech containers.

Props to Gizmodo for the pointer.





One response to “Coming Soon: Self Heating Containers?”

  1. Nime Sands Avatar


    Just a heads up, I was trying to find out more about the OnTech Self Heating Coffee Container but when I found your link above it just points to some random IT services company in Milwaukee ?!

    Still heating coffee manually, Nime 🙁

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