What the?

Yesterday, I was banging away at my desk in the Purplewire office.  My office is on the Salina Street side of the Landmark Office Building.   The windows in my office are one floor up and just to the left of the Landmark Theatre marquee.

A few hours earlier, I took a temporary keyring (added by the shop when I had it in for repairs recently) off my key chain.   Mindlessly, I was playing with it while pondering code.   Being more a piece of wire than a real keyring, I continually snapped the ends through each other.  I put my new toy down and got back to work.

2013-12-06 14.36.07

Going cross eyed looking at some code I decided it was time for a little break.  So, got up stretched out a bit and headed over to the other side of my office to checkout the street scene.

While looking out the window, I heard a cha-chink.  Curious, I’m the only one the office.  Something must have just fallen against my cup.  So, I return to my desk to investigate.  Hmm, nothing out of place.  Wait…

2013-12-06 14.29.37

Eh?  Yes, that is the keyring in my water cup!

There are only two possible explanations:

  1. The spring return of the keyring made a million to one shot to land precisely in my cup.  Seems crazy.
  2. One of the Landmark Theatre ghosts and escaped the theater part of the building and is now pranking folks in the office part of the building.  Almost seems more probable.

I’m happy to hear other possible explanations.  What do you think?





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