Ok, Walmart…

You really have to get Site-To-Store pick up figured out.

On Thursday, I bought a budget Android tablet on-line.  They happened to have it in stock at the location right down the street from me.  So, I pulled the trigger.   I got an email a few minutes later saying that it’ll take up to  4 hours for the item to be ready to pick up.

Annoying, but I understand that its always super busy in the electronics department there, so I said I’ll just wait until the next day to pick it up.  90 minutes after ordering, they sent the ready to pick up email.  I kept with the plan to go the next day, since I was pretty spent for the day.

After work, I stopped in to make the pick up.  Following the directions on the email I went to the Services desk.  Waiting for about 6 people in front of me, I finally make it to the counter where they tell me, I really want the desk around the corner for pickup.  Ah, ok.

This desk is labelled Walmart.com Services.  Seems to make sense.  Nice, there’s 10 people in front of me in this line.  And one person has been in line for an hour already.  Turns out that they also handle lay-aways at the same desk.  Everybody is making pickups and rejiggering their lists.  Nobody has their paperwork with them.  After 15 minutes without moving, I said this isn’t gonna work and left.

I gave it another shot this morning.  I went straight to the right desk.  This time there were only 3 people in-line.  One of them was a lady who was there yesterday, yikes!  She ended up spending 90 minutes there last night, and they still weren’t about to locate all her items.  After another 45 minutes today, they got the last of her items off a truck that had just rolled up.

Eventually, I made it up to the desk and handed them my pick up email.  The guy takes the email a fervently bangs away on the keyboard for 5 minutes (curious as to why, the email had a barcode in it.)  He then says, “Ok, let me go find your tablet.”  and then immediately asks his co-worker where ‘Bin 200’ is.  She said no clue and he returned to me and said he was gonna go ask someone.

After 10 minutes, I was pretty sure he wasn’t coming back.  Another associate slotted into his place and I started my claim process again.  He got all the way through the computer part and then again asked the other work where ‘Bin 200’ is.  He departed and looked around in the backroom and came back with a tablet in hand.  Cool! Oops, right brand, wrong model.  Doh!

He looked around the pick up room a bit and said, “let me check one more place.”  Turns out it was right under the counter, 2 feet from where I was standing.  More fervent banging away on the keyboard, an ID check, and a signature later, I was finally on my way.

Next time, I’m just gonna spend the few bucks to ship straight to my house and skip this nightmare entirely. Ugh.





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