Doh, who needs hot water?

The hot water heater cashed in its chips sometime yesterday.  Wasn’t a catastrophic failure as predicted;  sitting directly on the crawlspace floor, the base is pretty well rusted.  We were pretty the bottom of the tank would let go and dump 40 gallons everywhere.

But, it seems that the thermostat seems to be toast.  The pilot light is out.  I tried to relight it, but either I’m a complete idiot, or something is blocking the gas.  Even if its just the thermostat, we’ll probably replace the whole shebang due to the previous crummy install job anyway.

So, today will be fun trying to coordinate replacement.  Which, of course, is non-trivial.  The new furnace we had put in a few years ago is bigger than the old one and blocks access to the part of the crawlspace where the hot water heater lives.  So, replacement will likely require cutting a temporary hole in the wall to swap the tanks.  Of course, my HVAC contractor says they can do the demolition, but it’ll be up to me to drywall stuff back up.

So, to start the day, I just took a no hot water shower.  Mercy, that’s pretty exciting.  I almost thought with that kind of wake up that I wouldn’t need coffee today. But, 10 minutes later, its time for my first fill up.





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