I Done Broke It

Yeah, its humidifier season again.

Last night, I went to fill up the tank on one of our humidifiers last night. I tried to unscrew the filler cap and broke the handle off the bottom of the tank, sending the third full tank crashing into my foot. After a few choice words, I surveyed that while the handle was gone the rest of the tank was OK.

This morning, I was fetching a kid and noticed the tank level was pretty low after just 8 hours of use. And then, I noticed the puddle around the base of the unit. It wasn’t much, so I figured I just didn’t put the filler cap on all the way. So, I grabbed a towel to mop up the spillage.

The clean up was going great until I lifted off the tank and small torrent departed the tank. Upon closer inspection, the tank stress fractured over night, with vertical crack spanning the entire height of the tank.

Nothing I like more than cleaning up a mess at 5:30 in the morning. And into the recycling bin that humidifier went.





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