Times are Changing

So, last week I went my everyday ATM and notice that they swapped out the hardware.  The previous generation had the cool feature that allows you to feed in printed checks (like payroll, etc) without an envelope and it OCRs it to get the amount automatically.

The new ATM goes 2 steps further.  Now, you can  dump in a stack of checks and it goes through them one by one for you automatically.  It also does the same thing for paper money too.  Slick.  Here’s the ATM maker’s promo video.

I had to make a deposit of a check and some cash earlier today and out of habit, put everything together in a standard ATM deposit envelope.  I pulled up to the drive thru ATM and logged in, only to find that they don’t have an envelope deposit function at all any more.

So, I tore open my envelope and hit the cash deposit option and dumped in the bills. A second or two later, it correctly showed me the total broken out by the different denominations.  Nice.

I pulled out the check next.  Hmm, wait a sec, its a hand written check.  Well, if they don’t have envelope deposit, they must be able to handle them straight up, amiright?  So, I hit the check deposit button and gave it a shot.   It slurped up the check fine and  a second later correctly identified the amount.  Whoa.

The future has arrived.





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